Integrated Return Plan "IRP"

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We understand your concerns with today's health insurance costs and the benefit package options you offer to your employees. The changes that have taken place require creative minds to come up with the best solutions, tailored to your specific needs. With a combined 25 years of experience, our team specializes in reducing the cost of major medical plans for municipalities and businesses across the State of Alabama, while keeping you compliant with all aspects of the PPACA (Patient Protection Affordable Care Act). In addition to reducing the overall cost of the major medical plan, we also focus on reducing the amount of co-pays, calendar year deductibles and out of pocket expense paid by your employees throughout the year.

We review the major medical plan options and combine it with the IRP to provide the most cost efficient coverage while retaining all benefits provided to you by your major medical carrier.

Prestige Partners and our affiliates currently work in conjunction with Employee Benefit Services Inc., located in Jackson, Mississippi, to help design and administer our "Integrated Return Plan". This plan allows employers to use the lower cost, higher deductible major medical plans while, providing a self-funded coinsurance to lower the co-pays, deductibles and total out of pocket for their employees. Unlike the many fully funded (gap) products in the marketplace, this product has no exclusions and is designed to work with the base major medical plan in an effort to reduce current and future health insurance premiums.

Additionally, our "Integrated Return Plan" allows employers the potential to retain a portion of the profits normally absorbed by the major medical carriers. This approach empowers our clientele to effectively use a pre-planning effect while, preparing for future cost increases in the major medical market.

Prestige Partners and Employee Benefit Services include Stop Loss Reinsurance on all "IRP" plan designs. This guarantees the benefits/premiums are guaranteed throughout the entire plan year as is the case with the base major medical plan.

This concept has empowered many employers/municipalities to take a proactive role in helping to manage their health insurance plan and the cost associated with it. Our select group of broker relationships have been valuable in helping to implement this beneficial program for many employers throughout their extensive networks.